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Welcome to my Doggo Lovers website. (DISCLAIMER: there will be a lot of what is known as doggo lingo all over this site, including in its very name.) Dogs have always been a favorite pet of mine (they are man’s best friend after all). For as long as I can remember, I have been with and without many doggos. It’s primarily because of my experience with them, that I devoted this site to them and pampering them.


Since I was a kid, I have lived with and without doggos. The first doggo that I remember my family having, was a lorg Great Dane named Baby. She was really sweet. It saddened me to know that, one day, my family decided to abandon her. Since then, we have had many other doggos and puppers come and go from our lives. I got to witness firsthand how good they are, and how short the days are with them. Some of our dogs passed away from things like parvovirus.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and my increased bond towards them, as personal therapy and a part of me, begins. That’s when we rescued a pupper of unknown breed named Lady. She taken a liking to me, moreso than everyone else. She would especially enjoy co-sleeping, shlurping, and standing up on her hind legs like a hooman. Lady would even proceed to interrupt me when I was focusing on something or studying. Lady was weird, and more than a handful, but definitely worth having.

A couple years later, we got two sausage puppers, which I was originally adverse to, but grown to love also, including a long-haired gorl that I name Pupperina. She is heckin spoiled and has the funniest borks, forgetting Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie. Here’s a pic of her from years ago:


Imagine the void I felt when I had to leave them behind when I moved out.


In November 2017, I left them, and my mom, behind, for a career opportunity out-of-state. I moved back last year, in with them, because it didn’t work out. I moved out again back in April, right after I paid off my student loans ($12,400 paid back in 10 short months, thanks largely to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover!) to be closer to my day job, leaving all three doggos back with my mom. Imagine the void I felt, having no doggos to come home to, especially after a long day of racking my brain over some code for the better part of 9 hours.

I currently don’t have one right now, for both financial reasons and the rules of the apartment I moved to (my apartment only allows smol doggos and puppers, restricted by breed, and you have to pay a fee to have one). I might get one here in a couple months, when my emergency fund is fully funded.

Fortunately, I can take the trail both to and from my job, and there are people walking their doggos on it quite regularly. There’s also a doggy day care just one block from where I get onto it! What a temporary relief! I want nothing more than to pamper these good boyes and gorls that we barely deserve, and to help people choose the right products to do the same!



The purpose of this site is to share some quality doggo-related news and help people take care of, and pamper theirs, by guiding them to the good treats and other products.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mike Warren


Mike Warren

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