Banana Dog Cake Recipes for the Decade

You may have seen our recipe roundup for peanut butter borkday cakes. But there’s another, common, ingredient that is dog friendly, that you can make borkday cakes out of: bananas! Doggos heckin LOVE bananas! Stay tuned for some of the best banana dog cake recipes for the decade.

Wait, my doggo can has bananas?!?!

Yes, doggos can eat bananas. That dachshund puppy was just fine eating that banana! In fact, he was definitely happ after eating it! Dogs LOVE bananas!

That’s a good thing because bananas are good for them (in moderation, of course). They are famously rich in potassium, as well as other vitamins and minerals (e.g. magnesium). The high fiber content of bananas are perfect for any stomach problems your doggo might be facing! The health benefits of bananas make it of no wonder why some vets will recommend them over fatty, salty foods.

Bananas could contain a lot of sugar (per volume), so make sure your doggo doesn’t get too much of these good things. They make amazing toppings for pupcakes, borkday cakes, and ice cream for doggos!

Before we get to the actual recipes….

These recipes, and many others like them, call for small amounts of vanilla extract. You should proceed with these recipes with caution, as standard vanilla extract could contain alcohol which could poison your doggo. Before attempting any of these, make sure your vanilla extract is alcohol-free.

Also, I am biased toward recipes that contain peanut butter. I’ll recommend several of those. If you make any of those, make sure the peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol.

Now, without further ado, here’s 6 of our favorite recipes for banana pupcakes and borkday cakes:

Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes

This recipe from Southern Parm brings two of the things that make doggos everywhere do a heckin excite: peanut butter and bananas. Even better: they’re in (almost) bite-size form, making them portable and perfect as on-the-go treats for your heckin good boy or girl! You can even garnish them with other, smaller, doggo treats (such as milk bones)!

There are many recipes out there for pupcakes, but this one is my favorite because it maximizes the good stuff.

Dog-Friendly Banana Cupcakes

I love this banana pupcake recipe from Half-Scratched because it is heckin simple! Literally there’s just five instructions for baking and only one for frosting! This is to be expected because, Half-Scratched slogan is “Delicious shouldn’t be difficult”. It’s about as simple as you can get with pupcakes while still baking them.

I don’t like that we sacrifice the peanut butter for simple banana pupcakes, though. Since these are pupcakes, and there’s plenty of stuff to make icing with (featuring creme cheese), you could accomodate by garnishing the baked goodies with whatever you want (including milk bones). This recipe initiallly leaves some things to be desired but has potential.

Banana Cake, Dog and Human Friendly

This full-size cake recipe from Gormand Lab Report is to bork for! Sure, it’s a bit involved (look at the number of ingredients), but that it can be enjoyed by doggos and hoomans alike (add sugar to the pieces that you feed to the hoomans), and the peanut butter frosting, make it worth the effort.

The banana goes in the cake batter AND the frosting!

DISCLAIMER: If I were eating this cake, as a human, I’d make sure to put on sweet frosting just for myself. I honestly don’t know how the author of this recipe enjoyed her piece of this cake, without it.

Applesauce Banana Dog Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

This recipe from Shweta in the Kitchen is creative yet straightforward. Bananas go in the cake mix, peanut butter goes in the frosting, and the treats go on the outside.

Of course, there is some room to put doggo treats, broken up, inside the cake. I won’t do that, though, as I prefer to keep things simple.

This may look enticing to you to want to try to eat, but don’t do it. It won’t harm you, but this cake, like all other cakes made for dogs, are very low in sugar. (Even the applesauce that is called for is unsweetened!)

Apple Banana Dog Cake

Apples and bananas may be two different things but they are both tasty yet healthy things for your doggo. Apples are high in fiber (even better for your doggo’s digestive system) just like bananas are, Vitamins A & E, and both are enjoyable by hooman and doggo alike. Just make sure you really remove the seeds.

They also make a heckin good pupcake!! In this recipe, which consists of five easy steps, they make two!! The banana goes in both the cake itself and the topping.

These look so good, I want to try them myself (with human-version ingredients, like regular applesauce, milk instead of water, and add sugar)….

Dog Birthday Cake

This recipe from Bark and Biscuits goes all out, in that it combines many of the key dog-friendly ingredients into the cake, including the banana and peanut butter. It does NOT call for peanut butter to make up the frosting, but that can be changed at will.

Your doggo’s stomach will thank you for making this, in multiple senses of the word. The pumpkin and banana by themselves can fix an upset tummy (imagine them combined).

Your doggo will be sure to go bananas…

Bananas, like peanut butter, make great ingredient for dog-friendly cakes. Of course, under no circumstances do you want to give them the banana peel (they’ll just choke on it).

The recipes for many of these banana cakes are heckin simple, and customizable. In just about all of these recipes, the role of the banana is in the cake itself. Some of these recipes put it as the topping, too.

That being said, my two favorite recipes off this list are the Peanut Butter Pupcake and the Apple Banana Dog Cake. I choose those because they’re portable, simple, and somewhat enticing for humans to try for themselves. I’ll try a sweetened-up version of the latter, please!

What’s your favorite from this list? Have you made any of these yet? Let us know these and other thoughts you might have on this down in the comments.

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