Best Heated Dog Beds and Why You Need One

Does your doggo have a place to lay down? No, I’m not talking about “your home”. I’m talking about a dog bed!! Does your doggo use this bed? Is it heated? Let’s talk about the best heated dog beds your money could buy, and why you might need one.

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Why a Heated Dog Bed?

“Why in the world would I need a heated dog bed?! Won’t any old dog bed do?” you might ask. You should consider a dog bed for one or more of the following:

  1. It’s winter time. At the time of writing this article (December 22nd), it is winter time, three days til Christmas, in fact! Also, depending on where you live, there is probably snow (and ice!) on the ground. Some places might even be seeing subzero temps right now!
  2. Your doggo might not have much floof/body fat. Happens quite a bit to doggos like greyhounds, dachshunds, French Bulldogs, hairless Chinese crested doggos, doggos with skin conditions/alopecia (hair loss), … Doggos need floof and body fat to keep warm, especially during the winter months. Your run-of-the-mill dog bed might not provide them the warmth they need.
  3. Your doggo could be old and/or have joint issues such as arthritis. The heat from a heated bed could help greatly with those. Some styles of heated bed even come with a lowered front, allowing easy access to it!
  4. Your doggo tends to the closest register or sunny spot. Hint hint, your doggo is looking for a warm place to lay!
  5. Your doggo is an outdoors dog. It can get pretty cold out there, especially for extended periods of time, and especially during this time of year! There’s special beds that help with that.

Types of Heated Dog Beds

What comes to mind when I mention “heated bed”? You think something like “electric standalone bed”, right? What if I told you there are many others? Here are some of those others:

  • Heated furniture cover – This type of bed is a furniture cover in which goes the heating element. The heating element can be moved around, so as to not get in your way when you and the doggo sit on the sofa.
  • Outdoor heated beds – Does your doggo spend so much time outdoors and have his/her own doghouse outside? If so, this type of bed is for you! Some of these beds are made specifically for outdoor use (such as barns and doghouses). Outdoor heated beds are mostly washable, as they consist of a separable layer of soft cloth like fleece, that can be removed for washing.
  • Flat pads – These beds are versatile, as they can go anywhere, including in kennels and crates. (Not that I’d approve at all of putting your doggo in a crate, but that is topic for another blog post.) They are often made of two pads of memory foam, and because of that are quite easy to wash – just remove the memory foam from the cover and wash the cover!
  • Bolster – This is probably the one you were thinking of, or close to it. It features a wall of soft cushy foam, and a cushioned bottom where the heating element is placed. It is mainly for use indoors.

K&H Deluxe Lectro-Soft™ Outdoor Heated Bed

This bed is extremely versatile in that it can be used outdoors AND indoors! On top of that, it is the only bed that is both an outdoor bed and bolster bed, all in one!!

It is electric (as implied by the name, but the cord is wrapped in steel, so you need not worry about your doggo tearing into it and harming themselves. The bed also heats up to no higher than your doggo’s natural body heat, so no risk of them being burned either! The bolster is, by the way, detachable.

The bed also comes with a one-year warranty!

K&H Thermo Snuggly Sleeper

Like the Outdoor Heated Hed, this is also an electric bolster bed. This one, however, is extremely low wattage (only 6 watts)!! However, its cord is not wrapped in steel, nor is it intended for outdoor use.

The cover is washable and the heater is removable. The bed comes in two sizes : medium (26 inches by 20 inches) and large (31 inches by 24 inches).

However, there are two drawbacks with this product:

  • It may not have a thick enough cushion in the center, especially if your doggo is arthritic.
  • The cushion can also get pushed around by your doggo laying in it.

American Kennel Club Smiling Paws Pets Self Warming Pet Bed

As the name implies, this bed is self-warming meaning that there are no cords to worry about your doggo chewing into! It’s also made extra comfy, with soft fleece sherpa plush, and cotton! It’s very easy to clean (in fact, it’s machine washable)!

However, it is made exclusively for puppers and smol doggos.

ALEKO Electric Thermo-Pad Heated Pet Bed

This is another bolster bed, and takes the shape of an octagon. It has self-regulating temperature that heats up no higher than your doggo’s temperature. You won’t have to check or adjust it, at all, ever.

The outer edges resemble small pillows, for comfort and security. The surface is also very soft and even water resistant, ideal for accident-prone doggos that might also be problem sleepers.

However, a few users of this product found that there was not enough padding on the actual sleeping surface

K&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper

This bolster bed doesn’t use any electricity, rather it acts like a heat bank, paying heat dividends back to the doggo over time.

The bottom is non-slip, perfect for accident-prone doggos. Also the fill material is made from recycled plastic bottles, meaning that, by buying this product, you can help out your fur kid AND the environment at the same time!

This product is machine-washable, and comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Friends by Sheri  Deep Dish Cuddler

This bed is the deep-dish pizza of dog beds! However, it would be more like a personal pizza of dog beds, as it only supports smol corgi-sized doggos and puppers. In fact, the website states that it is for pets up to 25 pounds. In spite of that limitation, it is a nest that comforts your smol doggo, with high walls to provide security, warmth, and helps ease joint pain. It even comes with a heckin blanket and pillow!

It has a water-proof bottom and the bed itself is machine washable. Its outer layer is made of sherpa fabric.

Our Favorites

Personally, I am partial to non-corded beds for the following reasons:

  • zero chance of a chew-happy doggo harming themselves on the cord
  • lower electric bill

That being said, the K&H Deluxe Lectro-Soft™ Outdoor Heated Bed has won me over with its versatility, simplicity, and safety (it has a steel-wrapped cord)! It is also water resistant and works well even in subzero temps! That’s how you KNOW you’re getting a deal!

What are you waiting for!? Get yours right here!!

Of the cordless variety, I love the K&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper, because of its environmentally friendly design, non-slip bottom, and machine washability. Also I love that it radiates the body heat back to the doggo. The site only shows a schnauzer and a cat using it, but don’t be fooled: it comes in three sizes, with a sleeping surface up to 26 inches length and 35 inches width.


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