Best meme of 2019/this decade (spoiler alert: it’s a doggo)

I cannot believe I am typing these words, but it is the final month of the 2010s! Whoa, they went by fast, and a lot has happened, including to me, since then! I went from just being a broke-as-heck college student, in his sophomore year, to a graduate a couple years ago (I was trying to cashflow as much as possible the tuition, with what little I had), to a pothole vigilante (I’m still out filling potholes, but not as actively), to a full-time salaried day job as software developer with no debt to speak of and a five-figure net worth. Politically, especially on a national scale, a lot has seemed to happen, too, depending on what you look at. You probably have went through a lot in this decade, too. So has the internet meme culture. Let’s look at it and what is the best meme of 2019 and this decade.

The internet has seen a lot of memes come and go in this decade.

The Early Decade

The early 2010s brought us memes like Y U No, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Condescending Wonka, Nyan Cat, and Doge.

The Mid Decade

The early to mid years of this decade brought us memes like Gabe the Dog. Gabe the Dog was first introduced to the internet back in January 2013, and bork mixes from his borks started being produced in that year and in 2014. This era also brought us Unflattering Beyonce.

The mid decade gave us memes like Arthur’s FistHarambe the gorilla, and the Shooting Stars meme! God I miss those Shooting Stars mashups (and find myself going back to replay them)!! 2015 also brought us Distracted Boyfriend meme.

The Late Decade (including now)

This final era brought us the Moth Lamp meme (September of last year), Galaxy Brain, Woman Yelling at Cat, and a remix of the Distracted Boyfriend meme : Distracted Girlfriend.

OK, but which of these memes is the best of the decade?

A website called The Tab conducted a poll for the best meme of the decade. This poll had over 3000 voters, where the choices were many of these memes, and some others, such as “Woman confused by Maths”, “Blinking Man”, “But that’s none of my business”, and many more. The results were amazing.

In this multi-way race, Doge became the winner with over 20% of the vote! Second place went to Woman yelling at Cat, and third went to Galaxy Brain. Way to go, Doge!!

What are your thoughts on all this?

First, I love that a doggo took the gold, especially one that started his/her internet life at the beginning of the decade and is still alive to the end of it. However, I think that Gabe the Dog should have at least been included in the polls, if not either taking second place or winning outright. Granted, Gabe the Dog hasn’t lived anywhere near as long as Kabosu the Doge has (the poor pupper died on January 20, 2017 :'( ), and began life on the internet in 2013, but most of the nominees, and the second and third place memes weren’t around when Gabe the Dog was. Gabe was a borking legend, in that he started an era of bork mixes, and now there exist bork mixes to pretty much every song or soundbite that you could possibly imagine. Gabe the Dog even borked his way into Japanese television! Heck, his owner re-released a sweatshirt in the little floof’s honor, this year, only for it to quickly sell out!

That being said, I can totally see at least a few ways Doge has surpassed Gabe in popularity. For one, Doge has simply been in internet culture for much longer. That also looks like more articles devoted to Doge than to Gabe. For two, there’s a cryptocurrency named after Doge called Dogecoin. Last but not least, many fans of Gabe the Dog have decided to “let the good boye rest in piece” (instead of just immortalizing him through more bork mixes). 

Never underestimate the power of doggos

It cannot be stated enough the profound impact that doggos can have on every facet of our lives, including the internet. That impact can last for years, or even, in this case, decades, and like a lost loved one, can last long after the living being is dead and gone. So make sure to give your doggos the best life possible! We at The Doggo Lovers are here to help you do just that.

Mike Warren


  1. Firstly, I want to say congratulations on your graduation and more so on your success after leaving college. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I can’t believe how fast the last 10 years have gone and a lot has happened in the last 10 years. Clearly, a lot has changed and this can be seen with the memes you have shown.

    As for me, the best meme was really a toss-up between the woman yelling at cat and Doge. As I do hold some Doge cryptocurrency I am happy Doge won!

    Thank you for the great reminder of the decade that is now behind us!

  2. Hello, thank you for telling me the best meme of the decade. Recently, my son is looking for a meme because he’s so boring. He wants the dog that can always play with him. Luckily I landed on your site. You introduce the dogs to me. It saves me a lot of time.

    I believe my son will love to read your post because it’s easy to read. I will bookmark your site and share it with my friends. I hope you can keep sharing with us because many people need this.

  3. First of all, I love dogs and I’m somewhat of a nerd with a background in PC gaming so I’ve spent a good time in online forums and other online channels that use plenty of memes.

    That said I guess I grew up because I’m definitely not in the loop on the latest memes anymore and most of them go way over my head :D-

    Still, I think they are a form of digital street art and some of them are ingeniously hilarious and reflect the (sick) intellect of the person who first created it.

    But I know Doggo and it definitely deserved the price!

  4. Reading this just gave me so many flashbacks to my favorite memes. I pulled out my phone and even kept looking at the ones I had shared over the past decade and started laughing. This was a great little read! I

  5. Dear Mike
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