Doggo definition

The word “doggo” is one of the staples of internet culture itself. But what does it mean?

Doggo definition

Doggo simply means “dog”. Big doggos are often called woofers. Even bigger ones are called boofs. Little ones are often “pups”, “puppers”, or “yippers”. Doggos with a lot of fur are called “floofs”, and puffy ones are called “clouds”.

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Origin of “doggo”

It is part of a language called “doggo lingo”, which contains words like “doggo”, “pupper”, “woofer”, “floof”. This language is known for onomatopoeias, words that literally mean exactly what they sound like. For example, some doggos bork. Others do a blep. Others still may do a heckin shlurp. The word, however, may go back to an online group called Dogspotting, which started up in 2008, or even before that. There has been thousands, or even millions, of dog-devoted groups and pages, on Facebook, Twitter (and this one, too!) that have made the language mainstay.

I mean, look at this boof doing a blep!Image may contain: dog and outdoor



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