How to Exercise With Your Dog, Properly

I heckin LOVE doga!!! (or any event involving doggos for that matter)

Exercise is possibly one of the most important parts of having a doggo, ever. It is often one of the most fun parts of owning a doggo, aside from the pets, snuggles, and treats. Unfortunately, it can often be done improperly, which can create problems. Let’s get into how to exercise with your dog, properly.

How Is Doggo Exercise Done Improperly

A lot of doggo owners, especially busy ones, can end up improperly exercising their doggo. This could look like at least a couple things:

  • simply not spending enough time exercising the doggo. By this I mean just walk around the yard for five or so minutes and then come back inside
  • not putting enough intent into the exercise. Sure, you may be spending 15+ minutes outside playing with your doggo, but are you actively engaging them for most if not all that time? If not, your doggo isn’t getting exercised properly.

These are problem because they cause the doggo to develop destructive problems and anxiety. This is due to the fact that, by not giving your doggo the adequate exercise the good boye/gorl needs, you have deprived it of a proper outlet for all that energy it has, hence it acts out of mostly boredom and frustration. Once that happens, enough of the time, expect to see stuff like :

  • doggo going into maximum borkdrive
  • digging
  • a home full of stuff the doggo chewed up/broke

Doggo is heckin angery because you wouldn’t play with him enough!

We have got to start giving more attention to our good boyes (and gorls)!

OK, but what is the right way?

The right way looks like the following: full engagement in activity with your doggo, and at least 20 minutes of it a day, at a minimum. It often involves you getting exercise as the doggo is. This could take the following forms :

Going for a Jog/Long Walk

A jog around the block is, hands down, the best way to exercise your pooch, especially if the doggo has heckin high energy. For more active breeds, try jogging for at least a mile.

If jogging is not your thing, try walking with your pupper for miles.

Either way, just think of all the action you and your doggo will be getting! It can be your daily exercise, too! Even better, think of all the stimulation, the sounds, smells, and sights, your doggo will get to enjoy, and the socialization with other humans/doggos along the way! (Your doggo will get more of that if I happen to be in the area, as I pretty much always carry doggo treats on me, and am ready to pet and get shlurped by doggos and puppers, but I digress.)

Play Fetch

Another ubiquitous exercise you can have your doggo do is playing fetch. This one is a lot less engaging for you, and should be done for at least 30 minutes at a time. This looks like throwing the ball (or whatever you have your doggo fetch) back and forth at least 50 times.

Your doggo should be panting by the end of this exercise.


Doggo does a splish splosh

If you have the luxury of doing so (many of us don’t), swimming with your doggo can be an excellent way to ensure that you and your pooch get a full body workout! The water environment also has restorative properties for your muscles and joints, in the sense that it is one of the recommended methods of physical therapy. It’s easy on your doggo’s joints, too, making it the ideal exercise for older doggos.

Doggo Yoga (Doga)

Downward facing, dog! Good boye!

Dog yoga, aka doga, can be one of the most fun activities you can do with your doggo! You can do it in the comfort of your own home, or at a publicly hosted yoga event, for added socialization and stimulation!

DISCLAIMER: I seldom do yoga, at all, and when I do, its at a doga event, just to pet and pamper the doggos there!

It’s not an exercise for your doggo/pupper so much as it is an exercise for you. What it will do, however, is help strengthen that symbiotic relationship you have with your fur baby. It also somehow relaxes your doggo.

But what if I have a senior doggo?

Things will look a little different, but still pretty much the same.

Your doggo has gone through a lot at this point, so you will definitely want to consult with your vet before putting the old boye/gorl on any exercise regimen. We try our best to give you the very best possible info that is going to help your doggo out as much as possible, but we do not have crystal ball.

The exercise will need to happen little by little, and walking should be done for roughly 20 minutes. Start out with slow, low-impact walks on smooth surfaces without many obstacles. Be ready to pull the plug if you see any of the following:

  • wanting to rest
  • limping

and give breaks. If your granddoggo can handle that, ramp it up.

Swimming is excellent exercise for your doggo at this point, as the water allows your doggo to exercise, have fun, without stress on their senile joints.

Play games with your old pooch, such as hide and seek. These can be fun, and bring them back to the good old days, but keep these games to 10 minutes or less. Also, under no circumstances are you to play rough games with your doggo, even if they enjoy it. Remember, they’ve been through almost their entire lifetime already.

Last but not least, you’ll want to have your doggo lose some weight. This can be done through restriction diets.

Important, Responsible Fun

Exercising your doggo can be fun, and is crucial to your doggo, in pretty much every sense of the word. As we saw, there is right way and wrong way to exercise your doggo, with respect to their walk of life (pun intended?). It can also be fun exercise for you, too!

Mike Warren


  1. This is an excellent article that makes a lot of sense! Good for the dogs and good for their human companions!

  2. Love it!
    When I had Scooty in puppy training, they recommended playing by light wrestling. Not really rough or anything, just like grabbing his mane area and rubbing while pretend growling, and pushing him back. He’d jump forward, and then push him back. He LOVES this kind of play. Sometimes I give him a bear hug around his shoulders and try to knock him over. He could do that all day (bearing in mind that he’s a big strong boi, so this is how he plays). Despite being a Retriever, he’d take wrestling over fetch any day.

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