Some of the Best Dog Food for Dogs With Allergies

Dog allergies are a rare but serious concern. They are so serious that, as humans, we tend to focus on eliminating the risk altogether (although, in reality, that is not possible). That being said, there are definitely some best dog foods for dogs with allergies, that are the best because they have the lowest probability of causing allergies in doggos. Let’s look at some.

What causes dog food allergies?

We discussed this in-depth, in one of our earlier blog posts. To summarize, the most common triggers of dog food allergies are chicken, beef, and eggs. The only way to know if anything is going to cause an allergic reaction in your doggo is by trial and elimination.

Types of Dog Food for Doggos with Allergies

If you think your doggo is facing food allergies, you have some options for what to feed the good boye/gorl instead.

  • Limited-ingredient dog food – works by minimizing the number of ingredients in your doggo’s food to make it easier to say what does or doesn’t cause allergic reactions from your doggo. There’s usually a sole protein source (e.g. chicken or lamb) and sometimes a sole source of carbs. Seek out products that have been endorsed by the Association of American Feed Control (AAFCO).
  • Novel-ingredient dog food – The idea here is to introduce your pooch to ingredients they never tried yet. Beef and chicken are the two most common proteins that doggos eat. Novel-ingredient dog foods avoid those. Instead, you’ll often see protein sources like lamb, venison, duck, and/or salmon used.This type of dog-food often intersects limited-ingredient dog food.
  • Prescription dog food – This type of dog food might be pricey, and comes exclusively straight from the vet. If your doggo is suffering from severe allergies, go straight for this type of dog food, after talking it over with your vet. They might have other suggestions in mind, such as changes you can directly do to your doggo’s diet before giving you the special food.This special dog food is given as last resort.
  • Hypoallergenic dog treats – This is extension of the idea of limited-ingredient dog food, and can be found at pet food stores pretty much everywhere.

Best Limited-Ingredient Dog Foods

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets

This product comes in both a grain-friendly and a grain-free version. We do not recommend “grain-free” anything, as it may be linked to heart problems in doggos.

This product has a single protein source: lamb, which is low in fat and high-protein.

It is also heavily rice-based, which makes it high in fiber which promotes healthy digestive system. There’s also some goodies like taurine, which is good for the heart, and salmon oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Would totally recommend.

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Dog Food

This is a family of products that come in both a grain-free and grain-friendly form.

When they say simple, they really mean it! No corn, soy, wheat, or artificial colors/flavors! All the products keep it simple!

In the picture, you see a product with only one protein source: lamb. The grain it has is oatmeal, which makes it easy to digest and can help the doggo’s digestive system.

The manufacturers do recommend that you transition to just the whole product, adding the product in phases, but in canned wet form, your doggo is sure to get used to, and heckin love, it quickly! Even doggos that are picky eaters heckin devour this stuff!!

Best Novel-Ingredient Dog Foods

Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grains

Honestly, I almost didn’t recommend this one solely because of the brand (Taste of the Wild was one of the four dog food brands most cited in dog food allergy cases.) However, I’m glad I decided to look past that.

This product in particular, however, gets my recommendation because of its potential for teasing out allergens. It still has chicken in it but comes with some novel proteins like buffalo, bison, and venison. It also comes without corn or wheat, two possible allergens.

It is NOT grain-free, which is a good thing. The product is also formulated to meet AAFCO standards! It is also formulated to be high in protein!

I would try it, for the short term, just to tease out the possibility of my good gorl being allergic to chicken, corn, and/or wheat. (If she was, which she isn’t, this brand of dog food wouldn’t help her.)

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

love to go around trying to give every doggo and pupper I meet a Pupperoni stick. Unfortunately, a small percentage of doggos are allergic to some of the dog foods and dog treats, so I feel kinda guilty about doing so. I always ask the hoomans first, but still…

I might have to start carrying some hypoallergenic treats for if they say “NO” to the Pupperoni sticks. Let’s look at our best options:

Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo Treats

So I looked around, and found the next best thing: Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Treats. They’re not made of beef like Pupperoni treats are, because beef is a trigger for dog food allergies. In fact, Hill’s Pet Nutrition was very meticulous about avoiding any potential triggers for dog food allergies.

That being said, they are quite popular with the customers. 96% of Chewy customers who have reviewed this product recommend it, for example. That being said, the treats, unlike the Pupperoni sticks, can be a bit tough.

That concludes my picks for the best dog foods and treats for doggos with food allergies. Do you know of any that should be on here? Any that shouldn’t be? Let me know in the comments.

Mike Warren


  1. I love this post as its very informative and knowledgeable.
    My 6 dogs get allergies in summer and it’s always a problem that i don’t enjoy dealing with. So to have food recommendations that solve the problem before it even arises is a blessing.

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