The Best Dry Dog Food Brands for the Decade

Shopping for dog food, especially dry dog food, can be a bit mundane, especially given the sheer number of choices there are out there. There can be a lot of crap brands, a few great brands, and plenty of in-betweens. We’re here to avoid you wasting your time, by providing you with the best dry dog food brands for this decade.


Dog food is not one-brand-fits-all. Every body is different.

There are plenty of brands that work for, for example, a lorg doggo, that just won’t work at all for a pupper. Also, there are brands meant to be high-calorie, which work great for greyhounds and other doggos with high calorie needs (e.g. German sheps), but if fed to a breed prone to obesity (e.g. pugs, bulldogs, labrador retrievers, …), will turn them into a heckin chonker (and you don’t want that).

Further complicating things, is the fact that what one doggo might straight up inhale, another doggo might walk away from or even develop allergic reaction to.

Let’s look into the best brands with respect to the dietary needs of the doggo.

Diamond Naturals

This is quite possibly one of the most popular brands of dog food out there. Seriously, half the people on my friends list on Facebook I asked about what dry dog food brands they would use, recommended Diamond Naturals! Why?

  •  Affordability – It is one of the most affordable dog food brands out there, and the best value for the money. It is $24.99 on Chewy and Amazon, for a 20 pound bag. Speaking of value….
  •  No fillers – This brand of dog food comes without corn, soy, wheat, or any other type of fillers! This could also help out with dog food allergies. Now that we mention it….
  • Novel proteins – Diamond Naturals prevents the most common source of dog food allergy: the protein type. The proteins you’ll find in Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice adult dry dog food, are lamb and fish proteins. Also, the product contains 36% protein.

This info applies to the adult dog food and their large breed puppy food (which is $27.99 on Chewy).

Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food

No, this doesn’t mean that, if your doggo eats it, it’ll be like the Sahara desert in their mouth.

What it does mean, however, is designed to meet the needs most other dog foods can’t. It has glucosamine and condroitin for joint health, sunflower oil for healthy skin and coat, and is grain-inclusive to promote heart health!

Its proteins are chicken, lamb, and salmon (2 out of 3 novel proteins), making it great for doggos that are allergic to beef.

They have this product for small doggoslarge doggos, and also a product for weight management!

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Taste of the Wild

This is not my personal favorite, as I am against the idea of grain-free diet for the doggos, as it may be causing heart problems (per the available FDA data). However, this is a brand I’ve seen a lot of pawrents swear by.

It does have the following going for it:

  • no filler/artificial ingredients
  • rich source of novel proteins. The High Prairie variety contains buffalobison, and venison!
  • low fat-to-protein ratio (56%). This is perfect for doggos facing weight problems!
  • probiotics. These are crucial for supporting digestive health!

This is a great brand to try elimination diet on, as well as possibly weight management. It is made, mostly, with adult doggos in mind. (They do have a product for puppers however.) It may very well be worth the price!

Speaking of hypoallergenic….

Hill’s Science Diet

This is the one product that is recommended by veterinarians everywhere! It is incredibly popular with vet techs and dog owners alike. Why is that?

  • Proven to work. As the name implies, every single formulation they produce is driven by scientific research and expert consensus. Vets, pet nutritonists, and other experts collaborate on every formula produced.
  • Products are tailor-made to help address specific problems. Like most dog food brands, they have products for different ages and sizes of doggo. But, Hills has a lot more than that. There’s individual products for Sensitive Stomach and SkinWeight Management, and Healthy Mobility for Joint Health.
  • Heckin good pet food! High quality ingredients, hypoallergenic, and in many cases, good tasting for the dogs that have to eat it!

Please be advised that these products are for short-term use. You should talk to your vet if having to use them long term, and look into supplementation.

Victor Hi-Pro

A friend of mine who is a veterinary technician recommended this one to me. Here’s why:

  • free of fillers such as corn, wheat, and peas
  • has taurine, which promotes heart health
  • contains probiotics which promote healthy immune and digestive systems
  • very high protein

It may be well worth the price, as it is very high protein content and is good for doggos anywhere in the lifecycle, from puppers to full-grown doggos. The Hi-Pro product, with its nutrient density, is perfect for winter months (for example, in February, as of the time this article is written)!

It is not, however, especially made for senior dogs. For that, I would recommend Victor Senior Healthy Weight.

Sifting through the junk

There are thousands of dog food products out there, and so many of those are junk products that are either unappetizing, bad for the doggo, or just a plain ripoff. Stick with the Diamond NaturalsNutroTaste of the Wild, and Victor Hi-Pro and your doggo will thank you for it! Personally, I like the Diamond Naturals and Nutro.

If your doggo starts experiencing problems, I’d go straight for the Hills Science Diet (make sure to talk to your vet first for good measure)!


Which of these do you use? Are there any that you feel should be on here? Let me know down in the comments below. Bork!

Mike Warren

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Good review of dog food.
    I always liked Hill’s due to vet recommendations and it’s high quality which has many dog owners buying it. Thanks, Bob

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